Further Ergonomic Business Trends: Yoga Ball Chairs

If you, like many others suffer from back and neck problems due to spending hours at your desk then a Yoga Ball Chair from FitSeats Fitness Furniture is just what you need. It is a latex-free, anti-burst ball designed to boost your energy levels and promote better posture. The ergonomic back support curves from the frame to meet your lower back encouraging better posture. For extra comfort the back rest features a cushion bar. When the ball is in the support system it promotes ideal posture, which increase back strength. Back strength in turn leads to better circulation with less neck and joint pain.
After using the yoga ball chair you will not want to go back to your regular desk chair as it will help relieve back pain and promote spinal alignment and overall wellbeing. There is minimal assembly required, which makes it hassle-free. It comes with an adjustable support bar, an air pump, easy-glide caster wheels and a desktop guide. The ball can be removed for a full body workout of which there are endless possibilities.


– Ergonomically designed to build back muscles required for ideal posture and back strength.
– Alleviates neck and joint pain and increase blood circulation.
– Comes with four locking casters, two in front and two at the back for moving around and stability when locked.
– It’s latex free and anti-burst ball design means that you will have an exercise partner for many years to come.
– Easy to assemble.


– No height adjustment, especially if your desk is at a different height.
– It takes a few days to get used to it and in the beginning you may want to go back to your ordinary chair, but it’s worth the getting use too.
– May have to be inflated regularly in the beginning.

In conclusion this is a great product if you are spending a lot of time at your desk and/or if you are suffering from back and neck pains. If is also great for giving you the necessary energy boost to get you through your busy day. It is perfect for squeezing in that occasional exercise break at work.