Intro to the Supplment Business with HgH

Human Growth Hormone (HgH) is an hormone which facilitates growth and reproduction of cells. This hormone is not found in all cells.


This hormone was approved for certain uses in humans. In adult, it is used to treat conditions such as

  1. Inadequate levels of Human Growth Hormone in the body.
  2. Low or lack of nutrient absorption caused by a disease that affects intestines.

In children, it used to treat conditions such as

  1. Lack of High Growth Hormone
  2. Low sex hormones level, a genetic disorder.

Other uses include muscle building. It is used with other drugs such as Steroids to improve performance. The drug is also used by athletes to enhance their performance in competitions. It is however important to note that this uses are not approved hence are regarded as illegal uses. Recently, it has been discovered that HGH can control aging. This is because; the level of HGH reduces as you age. So, increasing its concentration will reduce the aging process.

Benefits of HGH

  • It strengthens your bones.
  • Enhances working of the heart hence keeping at bay serious heart conditions such as Heart attack.
  • It increases protein synthesis in the body especially repairing of damaged tissues.
  • It enhances your performance in copulation.

However, excess HGH can have adverse effects on your health. Pituitary Tumor is a condition associated with excess HGH in the body. In the case where excess HGH stays in the body for long, jaw bones and fingers become thick, a condition referred to as Acromegaly. To treat this condition, HGH tumors that produce the hormone may be removed through surgery or radiation to destroy the HGH tumors. However radiation is only used in extreme conditions.

It is also important to note that using HGH as a drug is allowed by THE FDA. Since it can be used as a drug, it means that it has side effects like any other drug. The main Side effect is