Introduction to the Air Conditioning Business

Air conditioning units, no matter the type, require constant maintenance to always keep them working well and stay in good condition. Majority of the maintenance is the owner’s responsibility, truth be told. Properly using the appliance is one of the best ways of prolonging its shelf life.

Actually, many AC repair problems can be prevented with proper usage and regular maintenance:  As an owner, you need not call AC repair professionals as often as you think if you know how to properly take care of your air conditioner. But if the need to call a professional arises, don’t hesitate to do so. But before you do, here are a couple of tips to be sure your AC is performing at its best:

1. Setting the thermostat correctly. Some people don’t know how to set a thermostat right and just leave it to continuously run for hours. Let the fan run in automatic so the air conditioning runs it when necessary.

2. Be sure that all switches of the AC system are turned on. Take note that some HVAC systems have controls for both heaters and coolers on the same panel. When this happens, turning off the boiler’s switch will also turn off the cooler part. To stop this from happening, familiarize how your equipment works.

3. Check all electrical circuit breakers and make sure they’re working properly. It can turn off without your knowledge so the best preventive measure is to turn it off and on again.

4. Make sure that the heating system’s doors are tightly and securely fastened. If the heater and cooler share the same components and control panels, it’s vital to check the parts because it can affect one another. For example, if the furnace’s doors aren’t fixed firmly, its safety switches can turn the whole unit off, including the AC system.

5. Regularly clean the filters because it can be congested with dirt after sometime. A stopped up air conditioning filter means inefficiency in performance. Therefore, you have to remove the dirt that’s accumulated. Replacing it every month is highly ideal to keep its efficiency at its peak. Don’t forget to ask an expert to replace the filters.