Making A Statement With Jewelry

Statement necklaces are one of the hottest trends today, allowing a woman to step outside of her comfort zone, defining who she is. If worn correctly, it will show her bold, colorful and funky personality. Accessorizing with just the right necklace for a particular garment will bring dull and boring to fabulously chic and trendy, adding personality to her wardrobe.

The chest and decollete are the areas where the eyes tend to be drawn to. Focusing on color and dimension will assist in finding just the right accessory for your look. Once you have your perfect eye-catching neck piece to bring to the outfit, you will want to pay attention to the rest of your jewelry. You don’t want gaudy to be the fashion theme of the day. Since your necklace is the adornment making the statement, consider wearing smaller, inconspicuous earrings, or perhaps no earrings at all. Let your necklace speak for itself. Consider adding a bangle bracelet for a fashionable finishing touch.

For a darker outfit, perhaps go bold with a bright colored necklace, or for white or light-colored clothing, go big and dark. Dress up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a pretty and bold piece to add a little sparkle and glam. Nothing is more eye-catching than drawing attention to this area. It can turn dull into daring, bland into bold, and plain into pretty. Turn your vague garment into vogue. With these types of necklaces, you can say anything without saying a word, because your attire says it all. Remember, it is important to keep your other jewelry pieces to a minimum so as not to detract from the piece that is making the statement.

Got something to say? Bling it up with a bold and fun statement necklace as a chic and trendy addition to any outfit.