What you need to know about diet pills

Do diet pills work?

If you have that extra pound that you need to shed, one option you might be considering is the use of pills, and a pertinent concern is whether diet pills really work. Of course, diet pills do work though some are better than others.

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How do they work?

Some diet pills work by blocking fats from being absorbed by the body hence reducing your calorie intake. Examples of drugs that work by preventing your body from absorbing fats are Xenical and orlistat.

Other pills work by suppressing your appetite and making you feel fuller. As such, they reduce the amount of food that you may want to eat. Appesat is one of the diet pills that work by controlling your appetite, as it has a fiber complex, which makes you feel fuller even when you are not on a diet.

Who should not take diet pills?

• Pregnant women
• Nursing mothers
• People with some health problems including heart diseases and high blood pressure
• Those with problems in absorbing nutrients
• People under certain medications for instance, warfarin and iclosporin

Should you stop exercising while using diet pills?

Diet pills are not an alternative to a proper lifestyle. Exercise and diet form an essential part of a weight loss program and you should start them before you begin using diet pills. While using pills, you should take a balanced diet that is low in calories. Even after stopping the use of diet pills, you should continue with your exercise and diet programs.

Do diet pills have side effects?

Though they may vary from one pill to another, all diet pills carry some side effects that one should take into account before starting to use them. Some of the most common side effects are:

• Dizziness
• An increase in blood pressure
• Constipation
• Nervousness
• Headaches
• Sleeping problems
• Oily stools, which may leak
• Excessive wind
• Urgent and frequent bowel movements

Before you start taking any diet pills, let your doctor know of any health problems that you might be suffering from to ensure your safety.